Commonly Used Idioms

  Idioms help us convey a lot in a few words. However, their meaning is not literal but figurative. So, to understand what the other person really means, you need to have some basic idea of how idioms work. Keep reading to find out what commonly used idioms more! Cup of tea: not one’s choice or preference Statistics …

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Making Small Talk

Human beings are social animals. We like to interact with people and make friends. However, there can be awkward silences when you first meet someone and you just cannot figure out how to break the ice – small talk comes to your rescue in such a case! What is small talk? Small talk is polite …

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Using Capital Letters

The twenty-six letters of the English alphabet can be written as small (a,b,c…) or in capitals (A,B,C…). Excessive usage of capital letters is incorrect and it may also seem a bit rude. Just stick to the rules that I have listed here and you’ll never go wrong! Use capital letter ‘I’ for the personal pronoun. …

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