Comic Books can help you learn English!

If you think comic books are only for light reading- think again, because I’m going to tell you another useful purpose they serve, apart from the entertainment that they provide. They can help you learn languages as well.

You don’t always have to consult dictionaries or make notes while learning. I’ll tell you another fun way to learn.

Step 1: Go to a book store and get a comic book in the language that you want to learn.

Step 2: Make yourself a cup of coffee and settle down to read your comic.

How to make the most of your Comic Book

First things first – don’t take stress. Don’t keep telling yourself that you need to learn something new as this develops a fear in your mind. Take it easy and try to relax – and what better way to relax than to read a comic?

Comic books can help learners of all ages as short sentences, simpler words are used and illustrations are a bonus! These illustrations play a vital role as they provide visual aid to learning. You can always look at the pictures if you need any help in understanding the story line.

Keep a dictionary handy but not too handy: Do not run to the dictionary every time a difficult word pops up. Look at the picture and try to figure out the meaning yourself. This will help you remember the word and form an association with the image so you can recall it later.

Most importantly, it will help you learn the easy way. People carry reference books, dictionaries and heavy texts with them, and I just cannot understand why. Learn in the manner that interests you – get your comic and get started!