Want to speak English? Keep your Grammar Books aside!

Do you hesitate when it comes to speaking English?

Have you failed despite repeated attempts?

Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Even people from English medium schools find it difficult to speak in English. There can be two reasons behind the same, I’ll address both of them in this article.

Firstly,  schools focus on grammar rules. I agree that these rules are important, but for taking tests, not to speak in English. Grammar rules can confuse you even more than you already are.

When you have a real conversation with someone, you cannot stop and think which tense or rule to apply, you have to speak in a flow, which requires practice. This brings us to the second reason- we do not speak enough.

To learn a language, you need to speak it. English being our second language is not spoken as much as our mother tongue is. This results in our inability to speak English confidently. Those who read books or come from convent schools may not face this issue as they developed a habit of speaking in English at a young age.

So my advice to you is: keep your grammar books aside, and begin speaking. Just speak whatever comes to your mind – do not care of what people will say. Ask someone to guide you, make friends with people who speak English or ask your friend to join you in your quest to become a fluent English speaker. This is the ONLY mantra to learn English or any language for that matter!

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