Wanna know what Gonna means?

If you have to strain your ears and read the subtitles every time you watch a Hollywood movie – keep reading, because I’m going to simplify things for you a little bit!

Native English speakers speak really fast, and I always used to wonder how. Of course, it is their native language and it’s only natural to be fluent. However, there is another reason – they also use contractions. Contractions are short forms that are used informally.

These contractions basically make life easy. Check out the list below!

  1. Wanna = Want to

Tense: Simple Present

  • I wanna go to the bookstore.
  • I wanna sit here.
  1. Gotta = Have got to

Tense: Present Perfect

  • I gotta leave now!
  • I gotta buy that cool new video game.
  1. Gonna = Be going to + Verb

Tense: Simple Future

  • I’m going to dance at the wedding. = I’m gonna dance at the wedding.
  • I’m going to eat at the new bakery. = I’m gonna eat at the new bakery.
  1. Kinda = Kind of
  • I’m kinda surprised she was not upset!
  • I’m kinda bored. Let’s go out?
  1. Gimme = Give me
  • Can you gimme some money?
  • Please gimme your notes.
  1. Whatcha = What are you
  • Whatcha eating?
  • Whatcha gonna buy on your birthday?

(What are you going to buy on your birthday?)

Language experts may argue that using these contractions is incorrect. But it is not so, colloquialisms are a part of every language.

Use these contractions to speak in style!


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