Words to be used with caution!

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“Free gifts” are two overused words in every showroom during a Sale.

But doesn’t it make you wonder? Gifts are always free, aren’t they?

There are so many such words which people use together that mean the same, these are called Redundant phrases.


  1. Added bonus: A bonus in itself is an extra/added benefit.
  2. End result: The result is reached at the end only.
  3. Exact same: To be exactly like something, means to be the same.
  4. Final destination: With an exception of airplane journeys, a destination is by default final.
  5. Foreign imports: Imports are products from another country so their foreign nature is understood.
  6. Past experience: An experience is by definition in the past, there is no use of mentioning it belongs to the past again.
  7. Proceed further: To proceed means to go further/ahead.
  8. Pair of twins: Twins are always two in number, which makes a pair.
  9. Revert back: To revert means to go back. No need to mention back again.
  10. Unexpected surprise: A surprise is never expected, hence unexpected is not needed.

Avoid repeating words and save time! The faster you get to the point, the better!

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