5 Tips to improve Fluency in English

Improve Spoken English

All of us aspire to speak the world’s language fluently, but cannot figure out the best way to do that. Some may say that it should not be a problem as there are so many different options available. I agree with that. Yes, we are spoilt for choice, but that’s the main problem! So many options lead to confusion. Few are overrated and few yet to get their due, but none lead to perfection on its own.

I give you 5 sure shot tips to improve fluency in English:

  1. Fluency involves correct pronunciation. So the first thing you need to focus on is the way you speak English. All you have to do is read the newspaper, or some book that interests you every day for ten minutes. The only catch is that you have to read aloud. Speak every word you come across loudly and with confidence and you’ll see the difference in just a week!
  1. Now that you’ve read the news, move on to the next step- listen to someone else read the news! Just switch on any English news channel and listen the experts speak English. This will give you an idea about the pronunciation of difficult words, sentence formation as well as voice modulation. This way you learn about the language as well as the world!
  1. Encouragement is what you need while you’re learning English. For this, join a group where English learners like you interact and share their problems. There should also be an in-charge of the group who corrects you when you’re wrong. This constant interaction with fellow learners motivates you to learn more and be better than the rest!
  1. Hangout with your friends more! I’m sure you are wondering how that can help you learn English. But it can, only if all your conversations are in English. This will help you learn new commonly used phrases and words in English. If your friends are better than you- peer pressure will result in increased efforts to learn English!
  1. Join Genlish: If you can’t do any of the above, this is your go-to solution. You get all the above benefits plus added bonus as well. How? Your personal trainer becomes your mentor and friend who engages you in fun, day to day conversations for 25 minutes each day. They correct you on the spot and you get ample exposure to speak.

As it’s entirely on phone, you save money as well as time on commutes and you get to choose the timings as well.

Fluency in English requires lots of speaking practice which is exactly what Genlish provides. Why look elsewhere when you have it all in one place? Join now and witness the lift in your confidence!

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