Learn English on Phone – Advantages of Learning on Phone Call

Learn English

Learning English has become a necessity now that the world is becoming increasingly globalised.

Wherever you go, English comes to your rescue!

Learn English on Phone

If you ask me about the advantages of learning on phone, I would start ranting and not stop at all. So let me give you the disadvantages of learning on phone.

The first and the biggest disadvantage is that you cannot bunk. All the students who used to use English classes as an excuse just to get out of the house and hangout- I’m sorry you cannot do that anymore.

When you learn English on phone, the class comes to you – in the comfort of your own place, at a time decided by you! Now that you attend classes at home, bid goodbye to all the excuses!

learn english

  • All your friends would be jealous.

Yes that’s true. You enjoy your classes, have fun conversations with your trainer and learn as well. To top it all, your impeccable English skills will give a boost to your personality, which will get you all the attention and a much better job! Who won’t be jealous?

You cannot hide behind fifty other students to avoid speaking or answering questions. It is only you and your trainer. You have to speak. But that is what helps you learn fluent English, in the long run! Your trainer encourages you to speak and corrects you. As a result, your hesitation also disappears!

  • You and your beloved mother tongue influence would be separated.

The accent you were born with, which you so lovingly incorporated in your spoken English as well will be gone. Your trainer will make sure you get rid of it- which is for your own good of course.

  • You don’t have to spend any money on travelling.

How is that a disadvantage you ask me? If you are anything like me, I’m sure you saved some money every day and gave yourself a treat every now and then. Well, you can’t do that now! However, the low cost packages offered help you save money as it is- so let’s not rule out the treat completely!

The disadvantages too are benefits for you. Learning English on phone is indeed a blessing in disguise. Begin learning English speaking on Mobile now!

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