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English Grammar is overrated. Yes, the body and structure of sentence is defined by the rules, but you don’t have to actually dread it. English offers you the flexibility to speak the language without necessarily cramming up the rules blindly. However, it certainly pays to speak correctly. You need to be aware of what tense to use when referring to events in the past, present or future while speaking.

English grammar is all about understanding the usage of the various forms and tenses. Keep handy the following tips and experience how to make grammar fun to learn:

Start from the basics: Know the parts of speech and recognize the first, second and third person.

Parts of speech include nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions and articles. The names may confuse you, but do not worry, the functions they perform are very ordinary and easy to understand. These words support each other and make sentence formation easy to understand. Nouns are the names of places, animals and things and pronouns are used instead of nouns. They include I, she, they and so on.

So basically they just assist each other, and a quick glance every now and them will give you the required understanding.

Practice: This is the most obvious step. In order to perfect your grammar, you have to spend time and revise the rules every day. You can also do the exercises available online or in workbooks. If exercises sound boring to you, play some interactive games or solve puzzles relating to English grammar. This way you enjoy as you learn. Keep increasing the difficulty level in accordance with your progress!

Research: Discover the areas where you make more mistakes and research about them. Find out why you make those mistakes repeatedly. Focus on one area at a time and work on them. There are several websites that can help you understand your mistakes.

Read: Reading newspapers and other reliable articles can help you improve. Reading correct grammar can helps to speak good grammar. You can later on practice using these on your own.

Speak: It all comes down to this. The more you speak, the more you learn. Grammar books don’t help when you have to speak and interact with others. You have to respond in real time. You cannot take a lot of time in trying to think of which tense to use. Therefore, speaking English is most crucial.

Genlish provides you a platform where you can speak and learn. The one-on-one interaction with your trainer prepares you to engage in conversations in the real world as any errors you make are corrected on the spot. Time and money are also not an issue, because you learn english on phone.

Repeated conversations help you speak in a flow with correct grammar usage. Enroll now- experience it to believe it!

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