Speak Like a Celebrity

Learning English online

Do you look at celebrities and wonder how they manage to speak such impeccable English?

I did too, so I decided to track their progress and find out what it is that made such a huge difference in their spoken English skills.

Kangana Ranaut is one such actress who’s spoken English was average. But over a period of time she learnt to speak well as this glaring flaw in her personality was affecting her career. Her acting skills were outstanding, and this meant appearing for interviews and interacting with fans. Mallika Sherawat is another example. She belonged to a small town and her spoken English was poor, but today she acts in Hollywood movies, all thanks to her ability to speak English.

Many sportsmen also belong to this category. Harbhajan Singh, M.S. Dhoni, Shoaib Akhtar and others faced difficulty in speaking English as well. They are all very dedicated sportsmen and with success comes attention.  They never required academic brilliance or linguistic mastery to do well in their respective fields, but the attention they receive needs to be handled professionally.

They had to deliver speech, address their supporters, and participate in international sports camps and so on. It became imperative for them to learn English, and so they made it a point to learn the language as well.

But how did they learn it in such a short time span?

They did not go to institutes – they couldn’t afford to for obvious reasons.

They joined groups anonymously- groups where they got exposure to speak without anyone knowing who it is. Genlish provides such a platform. This new technique of learning involves learning on phone. You are assigned a personal trainer, who pays full attention on you. In institutes the attention of your teacher is divided: but not here. They correct you on the spot and this helps you understand where you make maximum errors. Repeated practice eliminates hesitation and makes one confident.

Time is also a constraint in the busy lives all of us lead but you can definitely spare 25 minutes every day to learn English. Just receive your trainer’s call and begin speaking about whatever interests you.

Learn now, thank us later!

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