Learn How To Speak English Fluently in 24 Hours

Spoken English Classes in Jaipur

If you think the headline of this article is unrealistic and impractical read further. Your opinion will be changed by the end of this article, I assure you!

English speaking appears to be a herculean task, but it actually is not. Most people are unable to learn English due to their wrong perception that English is a foreign language and so it’s difficult to learn.

Have you wondered how you started speaking? Didn’t you listen and pick up words from people around you? And didn’t you learn as you spoke, when your mother and teacher corrected your mistakes? That’s how we learn languages; by speaking and learning!

You will be amazed to see how just few hours daily practice brings about a surprising effect on your language.

How to practice English

  • Read: Newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs – anything and everything! Read topics of your interest for 10-20 minutes a day to gain self-confidence as well as knowledge. Reading aloud is even better as it enhances your ability to speak and familiarises you with common words.
  • Listen: This is the fun part. Watch English channels and documentaries to gain better understanding of the accent and voice modulation. If you can find these with subtitles then you learn even faster. It’s also better to watch documentaries on your computer, so you can go back if you fail to understand something.
  • Speak: This last step is the most crucial. Reading and listening will be of no use if you don’t speak and practice. No one can learn without their own efforts. Repeated practice will help you speak confidently and overcome your hesitation.

You can gain all the benefits mentioned so far in one go by joining an English learning group. Genlish is such a group – a platform for English learning where you are assigned your own personal trainer, who helps you speak English confidently. All the classes are based on talking on phone. This feature has dual benefits: you save time as well as money. Learning on phone also ensures convenience as you choose where and when you learn. You have a 25 minutes class every day, where you are given full exposure to speak regarding topics that interest you.

Your trainer employs effective and result oriented methods to teach you Spoken English. Bid boring English classes goodbye and say hello to a new you!

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