Extremely long or Extremely special words


A mash up of 5 Latin roots, this 29 letter long word means “something of little or no value”! You can find it in Oxford English Dictionary but not in Merriam-Websters.


30 letter word to describe a thyroid disorder.


The longest isogram, a word in which each letter is repeated exactly once, this 17 letter word describes the underlying dermal matrix of human that determines the pattern formed by the whorls, arches, and ridges of fingerprints.

  • SQUIRRELLED (U.S. version- Single ‘l’)

Longest non-coined monosyllable at 11 letters that means to hide away something valuable in a safe place.


This 11 letter word is the longest word to use all the vowels in order, exactly once! It refers to someone who doesn’t indulge in excess food.


Longest word comprising of only consonants, it is a Welsh word that means a hiding place.

  •   EUOUAE

Longest word comprising of only vowels, it is a Medieval musical term.  A sect considers it to be a mnemonic but it has been accepted as a word in itself.

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