6 Tips To Frame English Sentences

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As we know sentences are a group of words which make sense. Not just strings but they are thoughts, ideas and stories. If someone speaks only words we’ll not be able to understand what he’s trying to say.

Forming sentences is not a tedious task. Anybody and everybody can try to frame catchy and creative sentences with the help of a good vocabulary. With a good vocabulary and sentence framing ability, anyone can speak English easily and fluently.

So here are some quick and easy tips to help us frame English sentences easily.

  • Read, read a lot – Reading English newspapers not only improves speaking and fluency but also your vocabulary. Reading any newspaper article gives you a scope to find new words. By finding new words you can automatically use them in your sentences.


  • Keep a dictionary handy – Keeping a standard dictionary handy helps a lot to improve the vocabulary. Not only vocabulary but you can also learn new phrases, proverbs or short sentences. We can go through phrase dictionaries as well. Those who use smart phones can download a good dictionary app.


  • Write to learn – Writing new words and their meanings also help to improve the vocabulary as well as sentence formation. When we write we can retain the sentences in our memory for a long time. Also, when we have it in writing , we can read them again and again which helps us improve our spoken English.


  • Grammar skills – Learning good grammar skills may sound boring but it is much needed for correct sentences. As we all know, nouns and verbs are basic building blocks of sentences but only nouns and verbs are not enough. We need to learn and understand each rule of grammar so that we can become efficient in sentence making.


  • Be a good listener – Good listening skill is also very important because sometimes when we listen to public speeches or news we generally pay attention to main words or headlines. Headlines include catchy and important words which again helps a lot in sentence formation. Also when we listen attentively we get to learn the correct pronunciations as well.


  • Practice is important – A lot of practice is needed in order to improve our sentence formation. We can write or make flash cards, engage in role plays, write emails and communicate with friends and family.

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So in this way we can enhance our sentence making which helps to speak English fluently. Genlish is such a platform where you can get all the 6 benefits together.  To know more about how Genlish is the perfect match for English, visit www.genlish.com.

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