Glabella The space between the eyebrows
Aglet The metal or plastic bit at the end of shoelace
Lunule The crescent shaped part of nail
Vagitus Newborn baby’s cry
Peen The non striking round part of a hammer
Natiform Looks like a butt
Tines The prongs on a fork
Cornicione The end portion of a Pizza crust, on while the entire pizza is shaped
Rasceta The inside lines of a wrist
Ferrule The metal end of a pencil with or without a rubber tip
Minimus Another name for the little finger.
Zarf The holder on a coffee cup without a handle as in Starbucks y
Agraffe The piece of wire that holds the cork on a bottle
Desire path A path or line not built but created naturally by human traffic use
Armscye The armhole in a dress where a sleeve is sewn
Griffonage Unreadable handwriting
Collywobbles The “butterflies in the stomach”, experienced in anxious moments
Philtrum The groove between nostrils and upper lip
Obelus this symbol is called obelus
Phloem bundles The strings that come off ripe bananas
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