British English versus American English

English is spoken all over the world which makes it the most sought after language today. Every culture adapts to a language in its own way and there are slight modifications here and there. This means that some differences are bound to emerge.

Some major differences can be observed in the version used in U.S and U.K . The pronunciation, spelling and vocabulary vary greatly. In this article, we will address the difference in vocabulary.

 British  American
 Pullover Sweater
Trainers Sneakers
Crisps Potato Chips
 Biscuit Cookie
Aeroplane Airplane
Flat Apartment
Chemist Pharmacy
Queue Line
Boot Trunk
Takeaway Takeout
Timetable Schedule
Rubber Eraser
Post Mail
Holiday Vacation
Lift Elevator
Nappy Diaper
Loo Restroom
Candy floss Cotton candy
Torch Flashlight
Mobile phone Cell phone

You can see the variation clearly now. It all depends on the country you are in and which style it follows. Similar is the case with spellings, which I will take up in the next blog!

How many more such words do you know?

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