5 Useful Phrases If You’re Late

Are you someone who is always late?

Though it is not something to be proud of, I completely understand that sometimes we cannot help it due to a genuine reason.

As if being the last one to reach is not enough, we end up embarrassing ourselves further by not having the right words to explain the reason.

But not anymore because have got you covered for such a situation!

5 Useful Phrases If You’re Late

  1. “Something has come up.”

If you are stuck somewhere, and know that you will not be able to reach on time, it is basic courtesy to inform the other person that you are late.

Use this phrase if you want to convey that something unplanned has come up without having to go into the details.

Alternatives: “I’m running late” or “I’m behind schedule”

  1. “I will be there in another 10 minutes.”

It is not polite to keep someone waiting – let them know how late you will be in advance.

Alternatives: “Give me another 20 minutes.” or “I should be with you in the next ten minutes.”

  1. “Would it be possible to…?”

Use this phrase when you are absolutely sure that you will not be able to meet the other person that day and want to reschedule the same.

Example: “Hi Priya, I will not be able to meet you today. Would it possible for you to meet me tomorrow instead?”

Alternatives: : “Can we meet tomorrow if it’s okay?” or “Let’s reschedule it for Wednesday?”

  1. “I am sorry.”

To apologise for being late is the first thing that you should do as you kept the other person waiting. Also, as this phrase is short and simple, it is the easiest to use.

Alternatives: “My apologies for being late” or “Sorry to have kept you waiting”

  1. “Thank you for waiting.”

Courtesy demands that you thank the other person if they were waiting for you despite your being late.

Alternatives: “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting” or “Really sorry to keep you waiting”

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