5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Communication Skills

Improve your Communication Skills

Some of us get tongue tied at times. Words fail us when we need them the most, for instance, at a job interview. There may be several reasons behind this inability to communicate effectively, some obvious and some not so obvious!

Want to know how to avoid this problem? Keep reading!


1. Give yourself some time

Most learners I meet are in a rush to speak. The major reason behind this is that they feel that the listener will get annoyed if they take longer to speak. But that really is not so. People like answers that are planned and well thought of.

Also, stuttering and hesitating as you speak (because you are not sure of what to say) is more embarrassing than taking time to speak.

So, don’t rush, plan your answers and speak well.

2.Don’t just learn words, learn sentences!

All of us strive to improve our vocabulary. Why stop there when you can learn so much more? Just learn two to three sentences that contain the word you have learnt and you are good to go!

You can use these sentences without worrying if they are grammatically correct – this will help you relax and be confident.

3.Slow down a bit!

As I said, do not rush. No one will hold it against you if you speak slowly. Rather, it will be clear and easily understandable. To speak slow does not mean that you do not know what you want to say, it simply means you respect the listener and do not want him to be confused.

Select your words carefully and speak clearly.

4.Be a good listener.

As a learner, it is only natural for you to be focused on what you are saying. But, it will do you good to listen to what others are saying as well. This can help you learn new phrases and words , which you can use later!

5.Practice, practice and practice!

There is no better way to improve than to practice – ‘Practice makes perfect’, remember? If you have trouble writing well, sit down with a paper and pen and write whatever comes to your mind. Maintain a diary if you can and write all your daily activities, thoughts and so on in it.

If you want to improve spoken English skills – practice speaking in English with your friends and family members or join spoken English classes for best results. Genlish is one such platform where you can practice with a personal trainer every day.

So what are you waiting for? Get talking!