Difference between Soon and Early

Soon and early are two words that have similar meaning. Both are related to time and hence can be easily confused. I’ve seen people using these interchangeably so many times that I decided to write about it and clear any confusion that exists.

Soon indicates ‘in a short time from now’.
For example:

i. Get well soon. (NOT get well early)
ii. I shall send you the details soon.
iii. See you soon.
iv. I got used to the dog soon.

In all of the above sentences, soon implies ‘in a short time from now’. The first example means get well in a short time (from the time you wish someone the same) and so on.

On the other hand, early indicates ‘before the appointed or the usual time’.
For example:

i. Please come to office early tomorrow. (NOT come to office soon tomorrow)
ii. I reached early for my appointment.
iii. Sheena arrived early.
iv. Will you be able to come early?

In all of the above sentences, early implies ‘before the appointed or usual time’ . So, the first example means that the person in question has to reach office before his usual time.
If you replace early with soon, it would mean that the person has to reach in a short time from then.

I hope this was of help to you. Make sure you do not confuse between these two words again!


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