You Need English, Here’s Why

English language Courses

It’s the official language of 53 countries
To know the world’s language makes it easier to survive in the current era. You can travel wherever you want and connect easily. If you’re a tourist, you don’t have to worry about getting lost in an unknown country; you’ll easily find someone who can speak at least Basic English to help you with the directions. You can also go abroad to work if you have good spoken English skills.

  • Access to information

English is the language of internet and computer. The entire world relies on computers to maintain data and records. If you are unable to operate either computers or the internet, finding a job can be an uphill task. English is also the language of Science; it helps you educate yourself further. It is an absolute necessity if you plan to pursue a career in Science.

  • Increased job prospects

This is the most obvious yet important reason. All Multinational Companies hire professionals who are fluent in English. So, if you dream of working in one, you will have to be fluent in English first. Business meetings, conferences, promotions all take your communication skills into account. You will be assigned international projects and clients only if you can present yourself in seasoned English.

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  • Improved social status

How many times have you felt left out or deprived due to your inability to speak English fluently? I’m sure it has happened several times. This lowers your self-esteem further and you start going into your shell.

Learn English to avoid suffering from an inferiority complex. English helps you gain social acceptance and status. Good communication skills also help you win people over.

  • Your profession requires English

Some career options require one to be fluent in English. If you’re in a field where communication is important then English fluency is mandatory. Hospitality, Airlines, Call centers, Sales and Marketing – all need dynamic professionals with excellent spoken English skills.

English also helps you expand your business overseas. Trade and commerce with other nations requires interaction with others- the common medium is then, English.

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