Why the small iPhone is a big deal

Apple today announced the 4-inch iPhone SE, which is essentially an iPhone 5S with 6S specs and a new low price of $399 (Rs.27,000 approx). For many people, that alone will be sufficient reason to be excited, but the iPhone SE has significance that stretches far beyond its modest dimensions. This phone will lead Apple’s charge into the fastest-growing markets of India and China, realign the company’s strategy for how it sells its flagship product, and also create a unique new proposition that Android has no direct answer to.

The most important thing about the new iPhone SE is its price, which starts at $399 in the United States. This is the cheapest launch price for any new iPhone model, outdoing even the supposedly budget iPhone 5C. The SE is Apple’s best compromise: it has the flagship specs, but because it’s smaller and doesn’t carry the latest industrial design, it’s distinct from the flagship and therefore justifiably cheaper. To get more aggressive, Apple might also set country-specific pricing that’s cheaper for India — as it did with Apple Music last year. There’s also the possibility of an 8GB iPhone SE sold exclusively in developing markets. Apple introduced such a model of the iPhone 5C two years ago, and now it’s keeping to the same cadence of launching a new, lower-budget iPhone option in March.


  1. Essentially: fundamentally important or necessary
  2. Significance: consequence or importance
  3. Flagship: the chief one of a related group
  4. Compromise: to arrive at a settlement by making concessions.
  5. Aggressive: assertive, bold, and energetic
  6. Cadence: the flow or rhythm of events.


Source: The Verge



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