Why Chris Gayle was dragged off-field by an umpire during the West Indies’ World T20 match against Sri Lanka

West Indies batting stalwart Chris Gayle suffered a left hamstring twinge while fielding in the World Twenty20 match against Sri Lanka on Sunday and was away from the field during the Lankan innings.

It turns out Gayle hadn’t been off the field during the second innings for as long as he had been in the first, a prerequisite for any player who wants to return to the action after going off earlier in the match. Gould signalled “two more minutes” to the Windies bench, and once it seemed certain they were going to get home in a canter, Gould even jokingly dragged Gayle back to the dressing rooms, according to a FoxSports report.

“Chris Gayle suffered a left hamstring twinge. He will not bat. It is not a major injury, please don’t speculate,” said a West Indies spokesperson .

Gayle left for the dressing room before the end of Sri Lanka’s innings even as the almost full crowd at Chinnaswamy stadium started chanting ‘We want Gayle’ to see the smasher in action after the West Indies started their chase of 123 runs.



  1. Stalwart: A loyal, reliable, and hard-working supporter of or participant in an organization or team.
  2. Prerequisite: A thing that is required as a prior condition for something else to happen or exist.
  3. Dragged: Pulled, or drawn along or over a surface
  4. Speculate: To think about something and make guesses about it
  5. Chanting: to say (a word or phrase) many times in a rhythmic way usually loudly and with other people


Source: www. firstpost.com

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