New Ways To Adapt To English

Ever heard of eating, wearing and working in English?

Yes, we can practice English except reading and writing. I can assure you would not have heard of these ways earlier and definitely your learning process will speed up once you start adapting the same.

Here are some unique ways to make you never say never!

  • How to eat in English – Eat in English! Sounds weird right. But definitely you can. When you invite friends and relatives at your home for dinner, in English, you can leave a lasting impression on them. Sometimes while placing an order at a restaurant you feel shy and ask you companion to order. But if you learn English you can definitely place an order on your own. Eating in English also includes table manners and etiquettes. Following table manners can enhance your personality and you can impress others as well.


  • How to wear in English – If you are in your twenties, forties or even seventies, you must have seen a mix of dressing styles- ethnic wear, western wear or fusion that have evolved over the years. The popular belief that women are fashion conscious has given way to a new revolution that sees men to be equally aware and critical of the way they dress up for the occasion. Only wearing the trend is not anymore appealing, one is expected to be well versed with the different names for the fabric and texture along with the proper name for the piece of clothing. So with the proper English names for the piece of garment you are looking for, you can avoid being the butt of jokes in clothes stores. Impress your friends and make them seek you out on shopping trips.


  • How to work in English – Governance, Judiciary, Higher education, Banking, Medical services, Defences, Civil services, Sales and excise or MNCs- each and every sector WORKS in English. All written communication is exchanged in English making it imperative to be well versed in the working language. When we take a look at the cheapest and most effective medium of reaching out to potential customers globally, the internet, we see that most websites hold their content in English as it is the only machine readable language. The working culture in global companies or MNC’s is driven by English; not only written but verbal communication is carried out in it. Meetings, emails, releases and trainings are all conducted in English and if you are not among the English speakers, you are labeled a non achiever. Try to use English as much as possible with colleagues, be attentive to pick up words and use them. To summarize we can say that English rules the working world.


So to  cope  and stay ahead in today’s culture, you need to learn English. Catch up, it’s never too late! Learn and use fluent English to surprise yourself and people with whom you eat, wear and work.

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