How ‘Not’ To Learn English

Learning English

When we learn a new language, it takes time, also there are certain set of rules which should be followed. Alot is advised on what to do to learn a new language but no one knows what ‘NOT’ to do to learn English.

So here are some rules which we should follow if we are keen to learn English:

  • Standardized Pronunciation – While learning a new language , we need ‘not‘ translate the words in our mother tongue. Instead we can try to understand the meanings by simple terms. Mother tongue influence or MTI might give a completely different accent which is not required. In order to learn correct pronunciation we need to articulate the words.
  • Do not mug up – If a word is unfamiliar to us and we repeat it again and again in our sentences, it gives an impression that we’ve mugged it up. So when you learn a new language don’t just use difficult words, instead start with simpler words.
  • Do not hurry – Breaks are much needed. Sometimes if you don’t take out time for yourself while studying you may feel frustrated. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Most important thing is your effort and that counts.
  • Do not be afraid to make mistakes – Making mistakes is a good sign for learning as we get to learn from our faults. ‘No one is perfect’ but ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. Don’t feel ashamed of your mistakes and learn from them.
  • Do not focus only on one skill – Learning English does not only include reading, writing and grammatical skills. To learn English we must listen to English songs and watch English talk shows, news, movies etc. Most of all interaction with English speakers is must.
  • Do not learn only in class – We may get bored while attending classes and even if the class is interactive we may lose interest as every day classes can get monotonous. But there is a way out; nowadays everybody uses phones and Genlish helps you to learn at your convenience – Try it to believe it! Genlish cautions you against the factors that influence your learning curve and stops you from achieving fluency in the language. Choose from the customized session plans and experience the difference.

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