Embarrassed while Speaking English? Learn from My Personal Experience

Tips to Speak English Faster

“Don’t you know how embarrassing it was to me?? All my classmates giggled and I am sure tomorrow they are going to make fun of me. I told you not to attend the PTM, but you were so adamant. You are least bothered about my image. This was the first PTM of the new session. What will my teacher think about me?” Shouted, 10 year old Priya at her Mother, Mamta.

“Dad, please ensure that from next time, you attend the PTM and not Mom. Please cancel or postpone all important office engagements for me, your princess. Will you Dad??” (This time her tone was more pleasing).

“Anything for you, Dear.” Replied, Rajesh. “Mamta, I told you, there is no need to attend the PTM, I would have taken an appointment from the teacher for some other day. Now see what you have done, you talked to the teacher in Hindi. For God’s Sake, understand that our daughter studies in a reputed International school. Don’t you even think of going there again. We already had a tough time to get her admission done there coz you did not know to speak fluent English.“

Mamta became very sad.

She thought about the time when she was just 17 and passed out of school. She studied in a Hindi medium school, in a small city of Uttar Pradesh. But, she was a brilliant student and got 80% Marks in her board exams. She also got admission in a good collage where she could have learnt to speak fluent English and also could have chosen a career for herself as she dreamt. But fate had a different way for her.

Embarrassed while Speaking English

Rajesh’s father, a good friend of Mamta’s father, wanted his Son Rajesh,22 to get married to Mamta. Rajesh was well settled and was handling the family business really well. And, as in most Indian family, Mamta’s father agreed.

After a year when Mamta turned 18, they got married and at the age of 20 she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Life was great. They had a beautiful life together. But, Rajesh often made fun of Mamta because she could not speak fluent English.

“Mom, did u get the point?” asked Priya, in a firm voice.

Mamta, now 30, just nodded her head and went on to do her usual chores. Throughout the day, she just kept on thinking, about her spoken English skills. She wanted her husband and daughter to be proud of her and not ashamed of her.

In the evening, she got a call from her younger sister, Maya, who could make out that Mamta was very upset. Mamta told Maya whatever happened. At that time, Maya suggested that Mamta should join spoken English course.

Mamta, was very shy to go out of the house for spoken English course. She had heard about GENLISH, spoken English classes on phone, from one of their neighbour. She went to her neighbours house and asked for the contact number and called up the GENLISH team.

After her interaction with the representative, she decided to join the program.

She decided to take the classes at 11:30 AM, as she would be free after finishing her morning chores, also Rajesh and Priya will be at Office and school respectively.

She did not even inform Rajesh about the classes. She started the sessions on phone, at the comfort of her home and at the time which suits her.

Tips to Speak English Faster

During one of her sessions, her Trainer gave her a few tips to help her speak English Faster.

The tips were:

1. Be an effective listener

Mamta, started listening to conversations in English which helped her to build her vocabulary and also helped to improve her speaking skills. She sat along with Rajesh whenever he watched debates on News Channel. And, watched a lot of English soaps whenever she got time.

2. Speak as much as you can with a speaking partner

Her trainer became her partner. They spoke on different topics. Mamta spoke about movies, food, shopping and many more things, but the rule was, whatever she must speak only in English. Sometimes, Mamta even shared her feelings with her trainer. She was very comfortable with her. She spoke without fear in English, as the trainer helped her correct her mistakes and also supported her in her journey to learn English.

3. Read books and magazines in English

how to speak english fluently

She read a lot of articles in Newspaper and also in various magazines. It served dual purpose, 1, it helped to improve vocabulary skills and 2. She got new topics to discuss about with her trainer. She also started reading books from her daughter’s collection.

4. Believe in yourself

Confidence in yourself is one of your greatest assets toward achieving your goals. Take risks and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are simply opportunities to learn. Before you know it, you will be speaking English with total confidence. Mamta became more confident.

Mamta, kept in mind these tips and followed whatever her trainer told her.

Apart from the above tips, there were a lot more secrets that her trainer shared with her.
A year passed, and it was time for the final, result PTM, at Priya’s school.

It was 9AM, Saturday morning. Priya was very excited as Rajesh had promised to get her a new bag, that she saw in the Mall, last month for the new session. But, she was equally nervous about the result.

Rajesh, also was very happy because he was sure as every year, the teachers would praise his daughter and he will be a very proud father.

Both, Rajesh and Priya were ready by 9:30, and about to leave for the PTM when Rajesh got a call from office.

After disconnecting the call, Rajesh said: “Mamta, I have some urgent work in office. Please, drop Priya at school at 11AM. I will also finish my work and reach school by that time.”

“Ok. I will drop her by 11AM.” Said, Mamta.

“Papa, why do you have to go to office now. Can’t you go after the PTM?” asked, Priya.
“No Dear, I have to go right now only. But, I promise I will reach school on time. And, then we all will spend time together.” said, Rajesh.

So it was decided, and as per the program, Mamta and Priya reached school at 11AM, and Rajesh was already waiting for them at the school gate.

“Mamta, you please wait in the car while me and Priya would go and get the result.” Said, Rajesh.

“No. I will also come with you both.” Replied, Mamta.

“Mamta, I already told you last time, you don’t know how to speak proper English. It would be very embarrassing for me and Priya, if you speak in Hindi or in incorrect English.” Said, Rajesh.

“Please, let me also come. I Promise I won’t speak a word. I will just listen and nod to whatever the teacher says.” Said, Mamta.

“Ok. But, don’t speak a word. Just say Thanks in English at the end.” Said, Rajesh. Both, Priya and Rajesh looked at each other and giggled.

Then, they all walked towards Priya’s classroom. The class teacher, Mrs. John, was busy with some other parents and also a few more parents were waiting before them so they have to wait for their turn.

So they went to sit. Rajesh and Priya sat on the chairs, while Mamta just walked around the spacious Air conditioned classroom, to see the displayed work of the students. There were painting, projects and other art works done by the students.

Suddenly, by mistake, Mamta bumped into another mom who was also watching the displayed work. And, they both started talking with each other.

Priya, noticed the same and said,” See Papa, Mom is talking to Ananya’s Mom, she must be talking in Hindi. What would Aunty think? Oh! Why does mom have to speak? We should not have got mom along with us.”

Rajesh said:” Don’t worry Dear, we will not bring Mom along from the next time for sure even if she insists. “

After 15 minutes, it was their turn to meet the teacher. They walked upto the teacher’s desk and sat on the chairs opposite to the teacher.

Mrs. John handed over Priya’s progress report to Rajesh and said: “Priya, is a brilliant student. She has performed very well in all the subjects. She is equally good in all the extra-curricular activities. All the teachers are very proud of Priya. “

Both, Mamta and Rajesh felt very proud.

“Priya has been promoted to the next grade. Any question Ma’am or Sir?” asked, Mrs. John.

“No questions, Ma’am” Said Rajesh.

“Oh, Yes, I do have a question Ma’am. I just read the notice about the extra classes that will be held before the new academic session begins. Could you please tell in detail about the same?” said, Mamta in fluent English.

Rajesh and Priya looked at each other in disbelief.

Mrs. John explained about the same to Mamta, then, Mamta thanked Mrs. John and came out of the classroom. Rajesh and Priya followed Mamta.

“Wow, Mom, you spoke so fluently in English. I am so proud of you.” Said, Priya. Her happiness reflected in her voice.

“Really Superb, Mamta. You floored me. When and how did you learn to speak so well in English?” asked, equally excited Rajesh.

“Well, “ Said, Mamta. “I joined a spoken English Course. I am learning to speak in English on Phone with a personal trainer. The trainers first called me to assess my level. Then provided training as per my level to help me get rid of hesitation and improve my vocabulary and communication skills.”

“That’s quite a unique, different yet effective approach. Learning on phone sounds a little different but I think it is better than an institute, as in an institute you do not get the exposure to speak among 20 students and one teacher – here you have just one teacher and one student and you will speak the maximum.” Said, Rajesh.

“But, we never saw you taking any sessions, when we were home.” Continued, Rajesh.

“I took the GENLISH spoken English sessions at 11:30AM, when you were in office.” Replied, Mamta.

“I have two reasons to be proud today. One, our daughter scored really well in academics. And, two, you have learnt to speak English so fluently.” Said, Rajesh. “Come On, lets celebrate the occasion.”

“Whoppieeeeee, its fun time now” Shouted Priya.

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