Spoken English Classes during Summer Vacation at Govt Schools in Delhi


Summer vacations are the best part of the year for every student, no school, no teachers and no homework only fun. This has changed in this summer vacation with extra classes for spoken English language. This summer vacation, many Government schools organized extra classes for students so that they can improve their spoken English. The number of student attending these classes outnumbered the expectation of schools.

Spoken English Classes in Delhi Schools

Students have often raised concern over their vocabulary and confidence in speaking English. All this is due to their low affordability to take private tuitions for the subject and lack of environment at their home. This will not happen anymore as the Delhi Government has come up with a pilot project in various schools which will teach students English during their summer vacations.

One of the students from Rajkiya Vidyalaya Rohini, Garima, was very happy attending the classes. She is one of the most fluent in the class. She even said, “I am very happy with the way we are being taught here, it is both innovative and informative”. The choices of words we hear from a 16-year-old coming from a modest background were very impressive.

She said, she learned all in these classes. Other students were also seen taking part in various activities that were arranged to teach children. One of the teachers said, “We often write wrong spelling of certain words. It feels nice to see how student correct us, we are here to teach them and learn with them. The happy face of children after they correct us is all that makes our day”.

The Delhi Government initiative puts all the focus on the speaking rather than on reading and writing. The official said, “Reading and writing is something that they can learn in their classrooms, but speaking English is what we are focusing on here in these extra classes.”
English is the language of comfort which is universally accepted and is a basic requirement while applying for further studies or jobs. These extra classes open up a new door for those who are looking forward to grab such opportunities in future.

Government school students do not have the privilege to get the guidance or counseling which otherwise is available in most of the private schools. These students often remain in oblivion to the usage of English in future that holds various opportunities for them.
Many bright students often fail the interviews because they were taught STEM subjects, they know how to read and write English but when it comes to speaking, then they either lack confidence or just don’t know it at all.

We met a boy name Shashank, who travels for more than 30-40 minutes on cycle in this scorching heat just to learn English. We had a word with him and he said, “I am a class 10+2 student, but when I see people of my age from other schools, speaking in English as if that is their native language, I take a step back. I am a bright student, according to my teachers, I have often represented my school in various competitions but English speaking takes it away from me. I was unable to communicate with my peers, but not anymore. Thanks to these classes now I feel much more confident, I even teach it to my younger brothers because I don’t want them to feel low confident like I did.”

One day, we took one class just to see what makes these classes a hit among the students. We saw teachers bring chits with different words written on it. Each student have to pick up one chit and enact the word written on it. They just have to enact and others will guess this game makes the children learn a new word. The idea is splendid.

We congratulated the teacher for coming out with such innovative ideas. Children were happy as this does not feel like a burden to them and that is what is known as true learning in a true sense.

Parents were also contacted to learn about their views towards such initiatives. All the parents were very happy with such classes. One of the parents came forward and said, “We always wanted our children to speak English just like other kids, we can’t afford private tuitions but thanks to these classes now even our kids will speak with fluency.” The unprivileged now get a chance to learn the privileged language is what makes this initiative the best for school children.

We have always seen schools focusing on marks and results. It is not their fault, as they are also questioned about the poor results of their students. These extra classes have helped the teachers as well who genuinely wish their students to grow but because of lack of time in their regular curriculum find it hard to give time for such classes.

Many teachers also came to these classes to learn how to make learning fun for children. We have always heard ‘actions speak louder than words’, but in these extra classes, we heard the loud words turning into actions.

The Director of Education, Saumya Gupta said, “This pilot project covering 10,000 students will be over by August-end. After successful completion of this 160 hours long course, we will have a third party assessment by Trinity College, London. We will charge Rs. 500 only as fees from students and those who attend the classes regularly will be waived off with this fee.” Another spokesperson added, “If we speak the language of the system then only we are taken seriously and right now English is the language of the system.”

We are hoping to see many more students taking part in such initiatives. The Delhi Government should also be given the due appreciation for having such noble thoughts of taking a charge for the underprivileged students. The smile on the faces of students was a proof of the new found wings to their dreams.

English being the more dreaded language in Government schools saw a new era of acceptance. Fluency in the spoken language is not a farfetched goal now, and this initiative has shown a new way to many students as well as teachers to reach which seemed unattainable.

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