Learn Song Lyrics to Learn English!

I was humming a song to myself the other day, when my friend mocked me saying I would have excelled in school had  I memorised text the way I memorise song lyrics.

This gave me a brainwave – why don’t we practice English by listening to English songs?

It is a proven fact that the best way to learn is to develop interest in what you are doing. Boring and monotonous lessons can kill your zest to learn. Mugging up from books never helped anybody, on the contrary, it can dampen your spirit.

Think out of the box- learn the way nobody has ever learnt before!

All of us enjoy listening to music. Why not use this to our benefit?

Mouthing the words along with the music or reading the lyrics out loud can help you in more ways than one. It will help you learn pronunciation of certain words, and also give you the confidence to speak aloud.

Imagine that you are a  celebrity who is in a concert – do a little dance and sing your heart out! Choose songs of the genre that you enjoy and understand the lyrics. Whenever you listen to a new song, search for the lyrics and sing along. It is that simple!

Karaokes, where people sing to pre-recorded backing tracks, can be of great help. You can hold sessions with your friends and have an enjoyable English practice session!

The same technique can be modified to suit children. Alphabetical rhymes with catchy music can help kids learn faster. They will also remember this  for a longer period of time thanks to the music!

Don’t go for boring, old school techniques – be innovative, learn faster!