5 Tips to Help you Avoid English Mistakes

mistakesHello learners!
I’m Latika, a writer at Genlish. As you know, I am here to share grammar and other language-related tips and tricks with you to simplify the process of learning English.

Today, I am going to give you five tips on how you can avoid making mistakes in English because it is only when we make mistakes that we learn, “to err is human” after all.
The process of learning includes making mistakes. How will we improve if we do not know where we go wrong?

Here are 5 tips to help you avoid English Mistakes and make your writing error free and impressive:

1. Form Simple Sentences
A common mistake beginners make is to frame complicated sentences. It is essential to gain complete understanding of the basics first and then progress onto higher levels.
Most learners believe that the use of big words is impressive, which often changes the meaning of what they want to say.
To avoid confusion, begin by forming simple sentences first and move on to the next level once you are clear with the basics.
At times, you may feel that you are unable to express yourself and are taking too long to learn. Do not worry about that, you will be able to do it once you learn the language.
2. Check word meanings
Using wrong words at the wrong place or time can be disastrous. So, my advice to you is that do not use words if you are not sure of the meaning.
Keep a dictionary handy or download an app on your smartphone to avoid such mishaps. Whenever you come across a new word, check it’s meaning and learn some example sentences to understand and remember it. You can also learn a new word a day to expand your vocabulary.
This rule is also applicable on any grammar related doubts that you may have. For example, confirm if the tense that you have used it correct or now before finalising the draft.
3. Know your mistakes
The best way to improve is to know where you go wrong. Once you realise your mistakes, you can work on them to improve faster. Isn’t that great?
But how can you find out what errors you make?
Practice! Practice all you can. Take quizzes, do exercises and other activities and get your answers checked. This way you can find out which concepts you are clear about and which ones need more practice.
Pay more attention to these topics and devote more time to these in order to perfect them. Keep doing this at every stage, even after you qualify the beginner level.
4. Edit and proofread your writing
This is the most important step. All of us make silly mistakes at time, hence, it is wise to give your piece of writing a final reading before you submit it.
Spelling mistakes, typing errors, formatting and so on can be corrected at the end. Usually, people get tired after writing and skip this step – take care not to do that! Do not let your efforts go to waste because of carelessness, stay dedicated till the very last step for best results!
5. Slow and steady wins the race
Remember this mantra – it is important that you do not rush in the beginning. Take some time to think and plan your answers whether you are speaking or writing. Why? Because it is always better to speak correctly than to speak quickly.
Most people who get nervous while speaking English, speak very fast and make a lot of grammatical mistakes in the process. This would not happen, if they take some time to plan their response in their head first and then speak.
When it comes to writing in English, you can take as much time as you want and learn at your own pace. It can even take up to an hour to write ten sentences, but do not worry, you will eventually improve as you practice.

“Will I become fluent if I take time to learn?

Yes, certainly. Fluency comes with practice, the more you speak, the better you speak. So, it is better to take a longer period of time to practice, and become fluent in English rather than struggling to speak faster without any practice.

“How can I practice speaking English?”

To practice speaking English, you need a partner. You can make friends who speak English and practice with them or take classes with a personal trainer.
At Genlish, we provide spoken English classes on Phone with a personal trainer. The added benefit is that your trainer corrects your errors and encourages you to speak so that you become fluent.

I hope these tips help you write better and error-free! Keep reading our blog for more such tips and tricks to improve your English!

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