How English Classes on Phone Make Learning Easy


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I’m Latika, a writer at Genlish. As you know, I am here to share grammar and other language-related tips and tricks with you to simplify the process of learning English.

Today, I am going to tell you the advantages of on phone classes. Why should you choose this mode of learning? How is it different? Does it work? Read on to know!

How do English Classes on Phone Make Learning Easy?

Why should I take classes on Phone when I can go to an institute for the same?

The above question troubles all English language learners, you are not alone. Institutes are a part of the traditional way of learning. You want to learn a language, you join an institute and start taking classes – simple. But, it is not that simple because in most cases, institutes are not effective when it comes to language learning. I can give you 5 reasons to explore the new way of learning English.

Here is why English classes on Phone are better than classes at an institute:

Learning on Phone has multiple benefits. The first one is personal attention. As your trainer and you are the only two people involved, you get maximum attention. The trainer can focus on everything that you say and correct you when you are wrong.  In institutes, the class size is huge, thereby making it difficult for the trainer to pay attention to each student.

The second benefit is exposure to speak. Due to the small class size, you get sufficient exposure to speak, which is not the case in classroom learning. The large class size along with a time constraint make it impossible for each student to speak.

The third benefit is convenience as you do not have to commute to institutes. You can learn at home.

The fourth benefit is that you can listen to your audio recordings to know how you sound while speaking English and what mistakes you make. This way you can work on your pronunciation as well.

Lastly, you get lots of speaking practice due to all the above reasons combined!

Isn’t learning so much better when you get all that you need without having to go anywhere? At Genlish, we offer such Spoken English classes on Phone with a personal trainer. Join now to begin your classes!

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