3 Things to Know Before You Start Learning English

You must have come across various blogs on How to study English or  Tips to improve Fluency in English  and so on. All these tell you what to do once you start learning. But what should you know before you start learning? Here’s a blog that will tell you just that!

I recently read an article that talked of phrases one should be aware of before learning English and  “I am sorry I do not know English…” was on number one. It is one thing to know the phrase, and another to internalise this attitude. Most learners make the mistake of doing the latter.

So, the first thing you need to know is that you do NOT have to apologise to anyone for not knowing how to speak English. On the contrary, feel proud of yourself for trying to learn it. Ask the other person to correct you if you are wrong but do not be sorry for trying.

And for the days when you do not feel motivated, here’s a quote to keep you going!


Not everyone will be supportive but they can’t stop you from learning, right?

This brings us to the next point: Do NOT be afraid of making mistakes.  Fear hinders progress. Why let it get in the way? The process of learning involves making mistakes. Until and unless you make mistakes, you will not know the right way. And to actually make mistakes, you need to speak, which is the third thing to be kept in mind.

Speak English as much as you can. Do not sit and brood over the sentences that you form – the more you think, the more scared you will be. Speak whatever comes to your mind. This is the sure shot way to learn English faster. Look for opportunities to speak in English and make the most of them!

I know it takes courage to do that, considering what you will say may be incorrect. But you are already made the decision to learn another language – you have all the courage in the world!




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