Exam Fever

Spoken English classes



All students go through various stages before and during exams – the climax is the suspense which builds and reaches its peak before the due date for results.

How many of these feelings were you able to guess?

1st stage: The one where you start to get NERVOUS. The syllabus drives you crazy and you have no clue where to begin.

2nd stage: As you have not prepared, you develop a PHOBIA – an irrational fear which persists till you gather some courage and decide to face the situation.

3rd stage: All this build up leads to a lot of STRESS. This stress keeps building up day by day and increases during the exams as you have to shuffle between subjects and revise.

4th stage: Revision results in a LOT of CONFUSION. What to revise first? How much to revise?

It all ends with the declaration of results and there’s a a sigh of relief!








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