Read Aloud to Speak English!

There are two challenges that every English learner faces:

Who to practice with?
What to talk about?

Reading aloud solves both these problems. As you read to yourself, you do not need a partner and as the content is already present in front of you, you need not worry about what to speak.

In addition to these, reading aloud has other benefits: it can help you speak English fluently and write better. It is THE BEST way to improve your English, let’s see how!

  • Helps improve diction and expression.
  • Enhances visual memory, which further helps you connect words with images and retain them.
  • Improves spelling as you detect syllables while reading aloud.
  • Great for public speaking, debates, speeches, drama and theater.

If you are a beginner, then it is necessary that you start this way as you don’t have to worry about:

  • Making mistakes: There is absolutely no scope of error as the text would be written by experts.
  • What you should say: As I said, the text has already been prepared by someone else – you don’t need to put any effort except for actually reading it.

What material should you read to speak English fluently?

You can read:

  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • short stories and fiction (that are easy to read)
  • blogs (like ours!)

Basically, anything and everything that interests you can be read – the only purpose is to speak aloud to familiarise yourself with the words and get into a habit of speaking English.

Make sure what you choose is easy to read. Do not make the mistake of choosing sophisticated texts in the hope that you will learn faster. This approach is sure shot but it will take time – be patient and stay dedicated!

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