Contractions are used in everyday speech and informal writing. These contractions, unlike slang, are a part of English Grammar and hence it is important to have clear understanding of what they stand for and how they are to be used.



I’m = I am

I’m late.

I’ll = I will

I’ll leave now.

I’d = I would

I’d do it.

I’ve = I have

I’ve a pen.

I’d = I had

I’d gone there.

YOU you’re = you are

You’re late.

you’ll = you will

You’ll leave now?

you’d =you would

You’d do it.

you’ve=you have

You’ve a pen?

you’d=you had

You’gone there.

HE he’s = he is

He’s late.

he’ll = he will

He’ll leave now.

he’d = he would

He’d do it.

he’s = he has

He’s got married.

he’d = he had

He’d gone there.

SHE she’s = she is

She’s late.

she’ll = she will

She’ll leave now.

she’d = she would

She’d do it.

she’s = she has

She’s got married.

she’d = she had

She’d gone there.

IT it’s  = it is

It’s raining.

it’ll = it will

It’ll take time.

it’d = it would

It’d be late by then.

it’s = it has

It’s to be done.

it’d = it had

It’d been late.

WE we’re = we are

We’re late.

we’ll = we will

We’ll leave now.

we’d = we would

We’d do it.

we’ve = we have

We’ve been busy..

we’d = we had

We’d gone there.

THEY they’re = they are

They’re late

they’ll = they will

They’ll leave now.

they’d = they would

They’d do it.

they’ve = they have

They’ve been busy.

they’d = they had

They’d gone there.

THAT that’s = that is

That’s true.

that’ll = that will

That’ll vary.

that’d = that would

That’d depend.

that’s = that has

That’s been done.

that’d = that had

That’d been mine.

WHO who’s = who is

Who’s there?

who’ll = who will

Who’ll go?

who’d = who would

Who’d do that?

who’s = who has

Who’s the keys?

who’d = who had

Who’d done it?

WHAT what’s = what is

What’s your name?

what’ll = what will

What’ll you do?

what’d = what would

What’d you do?

what’s = what has

What’s she done?

what’d = what had

What’d you done?

WHERE where’s = where is

Where’s your house?

where’ll = where will

Where’ll you stay?

where’d = where would

Where’d he go?

where’s = where has

Where’s he been?

where’d = where had

Where’d it gone?

WHEN when’s = when is

When’s the party?

when’ll = when will

When’ll you go?

when’d = when would

When’d it b done?

when’s = when has

When’s it been done?

when’d = when had

When’d it been done?

WHY why’s = why is

Why’s that important?

why’ll = why will

Why’ll she go?

why’d= why would

Why’d it matter?

why’s = why has

Why’s it been done?

why’d = why had

Why’d she done it?

HOW how’s = how is

How’s it?

how’ll = how will

How’ll you do it?

how’d = how would

How’d you explain this?

how’s =how has

How’s he been?

how’d = how had

How’s she done?

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