Is “Anyways” even a word?

Let’s settle the argument once and for all, shall we?

All of us agree that anyway is a word. It is used for the following purposes:

  1. It means regardless or nonetheless.
  • Though I was forbidden from going out at night, I went down anyway.
  1. It denotes continuation after interruption.
  • Anyway, as I was saying …

What does “Anyways” mean?

It means the same as anyway, only , if you check the dictionary, you will find that it’s colloquial or non-standardized. It is an informal variant of the adverb anyway and is used for the same purposes.

  • Anyways, that is not important.
  • I’m going with her anyways.
  • She is not here anyways.

Wait, is “Any way” another variation then?

The debate is always about anyway versus anyways. What about “any way“? What does it mean? How should it be used?

Any way (two words) is the word way modified by the adjective any. It means any particular manner or direction.

  • Can Rita help you in any way?
  • Is there any way out of this mess?
  • You can do it any way you like.

So the next time you have this debate, tell your friends they are right. Anyways is a word – only, it is a colloquial and non standardized word which should not be used in formal context.

If they agree – great! If they don’t , well, you can’t please everyone anyways, right?

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