What English Demands from You

English speaking classes in Mumbai

Some people say they have been learning English for years and still find it difficult. There can only be one explanation to this: they are doing it wrong.

English is not as complicated as it is perceived to be. Like any other skill, it also demands your time, money and of course effort.

Let’s take an example. Suppose you want to bake a cake, you spend lots of money – buy the best quality ingredients but mess up the time it needs to bake or, you get the best ingredients and perfect the time, but put in no effort to mix the batter well. The result in both cases is a disaster.

Similarly, the key ingredients of English have to be put in appropriate quantities. Going to costly institutes will not help, neither will trying to learn for years help. What will help is a combination of both: proper guidance for some time accompanied with the dedication you showed in trying to learn.

Guidance is available in two forms: Online courses for free and spoken English courses offered by institutes, which charge a high fee. In my view, nothing in life comes for free, so the quality of the courses online will be doubtful. The same logic doesn’t apply to institutes- high fee does not ensure high quality. Institutes have more drawbacks than benefits. Large class size is the biggest limitation in learning English as not every student gets a chance to speak or clear their doubt. If your doubts remain unanswered, you cannot excel.

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The best technique to learn to speak English is to hear someone else speak and then follow the same. Speaking helps you familiarize with the language. Repeated practice can help you learn faster. Just half an hour a day is enough, provided you make full use of it!

All this now brings us to the most important question. Where can you find all this in one place? Affordable cost, comfort and undivided attention of your teacher is a rare combination, right? Not anymore! You can now learn spoken English on your phone. One on one interaction with your trainer helps you learn the right way to speak faster. It is also cost effective as you receive calls wherever and whenever you want!

Keep in mind, every recipe has its ingredients complementing each other. Your effort has to be accompanied by the right technique, only then will you gain success!

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