English: A global language

English Speaking Classes

The first language of 350 million and the second language of 430 million – English is the one thing that is common across countries and cultures today. And according to experts, it is here to stay. The very fact that I am writing this article in English and you are reading it shows how relevant English is.

Let’s go back to the history of English and see how the language of just a few hundred overpowered the languages of the rest of the world.

The spread of English language began in 16th century with the British Empire and was reinforced in the 20th century due to U.S domination. The British colonies, though gained independence from their rulers, could not free themselves from their language. As the colonies became multilingual, it acted as the medium of communication between the communities. This went on and we are now at a stage where it is the official language of more than 75 territories!

English, being the language of business, is the torchbearer of the era of globalization. Overseas trade owes its success to the spread of English which acted as the medium of exchange. Whatever be your profession, English helps you expand. Journalists, businessmen, celebrities, travel enthusiasts, techies etc all require English to reach a larger audience.

International travel too is possible because of the common language that is English. You are sure to find someone who knows English, be it a developed or developing nation.

Professional courses like engineering, medicine, architecture, technology, accountancy or legal studies are mostly taught in English. One can never aspire to explore international courses without getting through the mandatory English language tests. In a country like India, being fluent in English gives you an edge over the others when it comes to job interviews or university admissions. Most Multinational Companies prefer to hire those who have a good command over English for the simple reason that such employees are available for international assignments when needed. When employees are assigned important international assignments, it affects their pay scale too.

English is also the language of science, computer and of course, internet. The study of art, culture and history is made possible if it’s recorded in English. That’s why English ranks one as the most translated language globally.  Whether you are sitting in a posh café or in a remote desert, English keeps you connected to the rest of the world through internet. You can access a lot of information available over the web if you understand the language. Almost all countries have the same keyboard with English letters!

By and large, English makes life easy. It makes one independent. You can travel wherever you want, pursue any course, engage in multicultural interactions and so on. Its worldwide presence is what makes it a global language. Learn now and unravel an ocean of opportunities!

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