Dhoni’s success Mantra revealed!

There are two kinds of successful people in the world: those who have luck by their side so they rise from “rags to riches” in no time and those who work hard to achieve success. The captain of our Indian National Cricket Team – Mahendra Singh Dhoni belongs to the second category. Coming from Ranchi, Jharkhand he had several things going against him, but he pushed them all aside, and rose to fame.

He belonged to a lower middle class family and being a sportsman since childhood, had less time for studies and was therefore an average student. He even failed to appear for his graduation exams! But did that the stop him from becoming the favorite of millions?

If you follow him from the very start, you would know he didn’t speak good English and we do not blame him for that. An excellent player that he is, his focus would naturally be on his sport. But he realized the importance of communication skills at the right time. Fame brought with it media attention, interviews and fans! Being a celebrity he had to interact with people.

Good spoken English skills are no doubt impressive. He was a role model for many and because of that he decided to overcome his weakness. He learnt English by hearing others speak – his fellow cricketers and interviewers.
This is indeed the best way to learn, and the method followed by us while teaching spoken English on Phone! You hear your trainer speak and follow him. Practicing the same makes you perfect in only a few sessions!
Dhoni stands as an example for all of us. His journey from a district level player to the captain of the Indian National Cricket Team is remarkable.

Why let your family/educational background be a hurdle in your career when the solution is this easy? There is no better time to start than now!

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