Ultimate Ways to fight your English vocabulary woes!

Learn English on Phone

Are you looking for ways to improve your English vocabulary? Do you often find yourself in situations where you can’t express yourself? Do you find yourself struggling to find the right word to say?  Did you lose your job due to your hesitation in speaking English confidently?

It is amazing how a small change in your routine could bring about the much needed confidence boost in you! Read on to know how!

  1. A word a day: Setting a goal would help you learn faster. Learn one new word every day. Try using it in a sentence and memorize it.
  1. Read as much as you can: Be it books, newspapers or magazines, reading would introduce you to new words and help you improve your English vocabulary.
  1. Keep your smart phone handy: As you read, find out the meaning of the new words you come across. An app on your phone might be of help. In this day and age, when you can learn English on phone, this will be quite simple!
  1. Engage in conversation: To avoid forgetting the words that you learn, try talking to your friends in English. It will also help you speak fluently and structure your sentences well.
  1. Learn English vocabulary the fun way: Play word games on your mobile phone, or a board game like Scrabble could be of help. This way you learn new words without much effort!

Mastering a language that is not our own can be difficult but it’s not impossible. Follow these easy steps and improve your English vocabulary!

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