Top 5 reasons to ditch English Institutes and learn on phone!

English speaking class on phone

Someone rightly observed, “Money makes the world go round.”

It’s money that is the driving force behind the tall (and mostly false!) claims institutes make these days. Students who do not have much time on their hands fall victim to these easily.

Today, we attempt to decode top 5 claims that spoken English institutes make!

  1. 100% guarantee of learning English

Nobody in this world can take guarantee of whether you can do something or not. It’s your own effort that helps you learn, along with proper assistance. Your own dedication and hard work is what is responsible for how much you learn. They do not know your weakness and strengths and every student is different. How then can they guarantee success for all?

  1. Learn to speak in 25-30 hours

Let’s do the math: 30 hours and 40 students (it’s a class, remember!)

Two hour class a day = 15 days

1 day = 120 minutes /40 students = 3 minutes

So according to them, 3 minutes per day for 15 days is enough for a student to learn English. Need I say more?

  1. Speaking practice

You will speak no doubt, but who said anything about speaking right? To neutralize your accent and pronounce right, you need constant attention. So many students and just one teacher makes error correction difficult and you end up learning either wrong English or no English at all.

  1. Personal attention

‘Personal’ attention in a class of 40-50 students makes no sense at all! The teacher cannot, in any way, focus on all the students individually unless the interaction is one-on-one, which is impossible in a class full of students, who are all learners demanding equal attention.

  1. All round development

Your overall personality development takes place when your communication skills are good, and you speak confidently. But these classes do not offer you the exposure to carry out a conversation, which is a two sided affair, where you have to think in real time. Each student has only 3 minutes to speak; your time will be over by the time you think of what to say and how to say it. On what basis is all round development assured to you then?

So the next time you come across such lies, be wise to give them a miss! Rather, give a miss call to Genlish, the new entrant that has brought revolutionary changes to the way we learn languages! By speaking directly to trainer on phone- that ensures unquestionable edge over a classroom course in English.

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