Shortcuts to learn English

learn english

Learning English is not as tedious a task as people believe it to be and they get disheartened due to the same . You might have some knowledge about grammar, as well as good vocabulary, but the fear and hesitation persists.

Sometimes we need a push to start off with speaking!

So here is a quick look on tips and tricks you can follow to speak English fluently.

  • Keep a Smartphone handy – Nowadays we all use smart phones and we download all kinds of applications. Another application we can keep is a dictionary app. If we have this app in our phones it will be very convenient for us to check the word meanings which we come across.
  • Interact a lot – Conversations in English help a lot in quick learning. Don’t wait for anyone, even if your friends don’t make an effort, you can take an initiative and answer all of their questions in English.
  • Use in writings – Start writing emails and letters in English. Writing the language helps to retain words and sentences for long.
  • Make lots and lots of mistakes – Yes, you read correctly. There is a saying that we should learn from our mistakes, so we need to implement this saying in our lives as well. Don’t feel ashamed in front of anyone. English might not be everyone’s first language so it is very common to make mistakes. Also if we know our faults we can work on them.
  • Learn wisely – Learn from everyone and everywhere. Work with people who interact in English. English speakers can help you by correcting your sentences or words from time to time. Don’t be afraid and don’t feel shy that anyone will point out your errors.
  • Say no to subtitles – Do you use subtitles when you watch videos on YouTube? Avoid this the next time and try to understand without subtitles. Listening will help you learn the correct pronunciation and understand the accent better.

These are some useful shortcuts which we should implement in our routine. In the same way Genlish also helps you to learn at your convenience as you interact with your trainer. Daily speaking practice, course ware and convenient approach makes Genlish the perfect platform to accelerate English fluency.

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