Popular Slang You Need to Know to Survive in Today’s World

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What is your response when your friend asks you “What’s up?”

Is it “The sky?”

Then my friend, you need to pep up your word game.

2015 was the year of slang words, as we saw hundreds of new words pop up on the internet every day. Go through the list provided below and don’t feel like an alien anymore!

  • BAE

It is used for referring to someone special to you. Short for Before Anything Else, it can also mean Babe or Baby.

  • Swag

This is the most popular slang used these days and simply means that someone/ something is cool.

Did you hear him speak English? He’s got swag!

  • On fleek

It means something is “on point” or very good.

Your hairstyle is on fleek!

  • Squad

Your group of friends is your squad.

  • Dope

If your friend tells you your jacket looks dope, he is saying it’s super cool!

  • Facepalm

Hitting your forehead every time someone says something stupid is natural. Save your energy and use this word instead!

  • Legit

The cool way of saying that something is “legitimate” i.e. real and not fake.

Rahul’s leather jacket is legit !


To be used with as many “As” as you want, because a simple “Yes!” is not enough to show your excitement.

  • YOLO

“You Only Live Once” can be used when talking about something you really want to do and cannot miss.

You should come for that A.R Rahman concert because YOLO!

  • Cray

Because saying “Crazy” is too old fashioned!

  • Totes

This is the updated version of the word “totally.”

You should totes take that English speaking course!


Don’t feel lost the next time your friends use these words; be at the same pace as the world!

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