Personality and English: sides of the same coin?

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Has it ever happened with you that you meet someone for the first time, and are so impressed by their personality that you can’t stop talking about them?

You must have also heard people say that so and so has no personality at all. Have you ever wondered why they said so? I can answer that, let’s start with the basics.

What exactly is our personality ?

Your characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviour form your personality. It is the most essential part of your being. It is your personality that decides whether you will make an impression or not.

Your personality reflects your confidence. If you are high on confidence, you will stand out everywhere you go. Contrarily, if you are low on confidence, your escapist tendencies will always be at play and you will avoid every situation, refrain from taking up leadership roles and be shy overall.

Confidence comes from your ability to speak and express yourself well- freely and without hesitation. Language plays an important role here, but which one? Everyone is fluent in their native language. It’s the knowledge of an additional language that makes the difference.

English is one of the official languages of India. Indians perceive it as the language of the elite and intellectual. This makes the language a sort of a status symbol and those who speak it fluently earn more respect in the society. You need English to get a good job (a prerequisite, however small the company may be), to get a girl’s hand in marriage and even to maintain your social standing.

If you have good spoken English skills, you will not shy away or hesitate. You will speak your mind and people will notice you. This is what a good personality is all about – it helps you get noticed and be the centre of attention.

Let me simplify things a bit: Your personality development is dependent on your confidence, which comes when you speak the language that is in demand i.e. English, well.

For example:

Every school has two kinds of students. The first group is outspoken, active and participates in all the competitions; hence they get a lot of exposure.  This is the group that speaks English well. The exposure results in a bold and impressive personality. The second group is shy and hesitant in participating and hence remains unconfident. Same happens when you go for a job.

If you belong to the second group, and are not confident of yourself, go back and think. You will realize that it is because of your inability to Speak English that is restricting your overall growth and personality development. But there is no need to hide anymore. Join Genlish and get rid of all your hesitations now. Once you eliminate them, you will notice a transformation in your personality, I assure you!

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