Match Prediction: India vs West Indies

India or should I say Virat Kohli defeated Australia in the last group game to seal India’s passage to knockout stage (Semifinal) where they will play winners of Group 1, West Indies. It will be a massive game and will be played at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium on Thursday, 31st March 2016

Prediction: India had to qualify the hard way, with their backs to the wall after defeat in opening game Dhoni and co has turned things around.  They have made it to the semifinals even without playing top cricket. They might just click in semifinal and blow West Indies away. I think West Indies’s only chance of beating India heavily depends on Chris Gayle’s batting. If he turns up, West Indies has a decent chance other than that I can’t see Windies troubling India.

Virat Kohli has taken the limelight so far and rightly so! But on Mumbai’s batting paradise , Rohit Sharma is due for  good knockout and there won’t be a better stage for him to join the party and guide India to the final.


  1. Seal: fasten or close securely
  2. Knockout: a tournament in which the loser in each round is eliminated
  3. Massive: exceptionally large
  4. Decent: of an acceptable standard
  5. Limelight: the focus of public attention


Source: TotalSportek

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