Learn English – The Unusual Way

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Did you ever imagine that learning English could be so much fun? We all know the general ways to learn English i.e. to read, write, listen and speak!

But here are some unusually usual ways with which we can enjoy learning English:

  • Music – We can listen to English songs whenever we’re in the mood. Music changes our mood and we feel re-energized , fresh and motivated. Learn with fun , both purposes are resolved.
  • Play Games – Another fun way to learn English is to play scrabble. Scrabble is a word game played by two or more players. Another game is crosswords, where we make words using the given clues.
  • English jokes – We can get jokes online or we can find funny apps on our phones/ tablets. This way we get a good laugh and learn as well!

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  • English movies and channels – The most popular application nowadays is Netflix . Netflix is a global provider of streaming movies and TV shows. It’s convenient as we can use it on our Smartphone , tablets , smart TV , Mac , game console , PC and more. It is quite entertaining and informative.
  • Sing karaoke – Karaoke is an act of singing along a music video which has subtitles. We may lose our rhythm but it helps us learn the correct pronunciation and the fun we have is an added bonus!
  • English applications – Nowadays use of smart phones is common so we can download some English apps which are quite interactive with the user. We can attempt exercises and quizzes which is another easy way to improve our English.
  • Record your conversations – When we record our own voice we get to know how we pronounced a particular word. If it was incorrect we can work on it.
  • Mnemonic device – A mnemonic device helps you remember information associated with words, images or sounds you already know. We can type in the words we want to memorize and we will see many different ways to help us do that.


So, the next time you’re in the fun mood don’t forget to use these tips to enhance your English speaking skills.



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