Know how an Email can help you win your boss over!

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Your boss can judge your personality even before you have met him. It is through the Emails you both exchange. International clients are another example, they may never meet you physically, but your Emails tell them what kind of a person you are.
Read the two samples below. Which one represents you?

Can I come 2 ur office for clearing my doubts @ 2pm?

What do you think is wrong with the above Email?
Nothing – If you are mailing your colleague who is a friend as well.
But it is wrong on so many levels if this Email is for your boss!
Professional Emails require you to write formally. No short forms and absolutely no informal greetings and salutations. Don’t be surprised if your boss does not reply to this mail or worse, gets angry at you for not knowing how to write something as basic as an Email!
The right way is this:

Dear Sir,
I had some doubts regarding the Project I am currently working on. May I come to discuss them with you to your office? Would 2p.m be fine? If not, please let me know whenever you have time.
Neha Sharma

Knowing the right way to Email is beneficial in all aspects of professional life. Whether you are working in an office or at your home does not make a difference. Work from home as a concept is in trend these days, but don’t mistake it to be a casual work scenario. You need to be in touch with your team, and because you are not physically present, you need to update them via Emails.
Professional Email ethics come in handy here. Your team mates will not be impressed if you use SMS language. It may also lead to misunderstandings! To avoid this, use proper punctuation and English grammar.
Click here for a list of things to keep in mind while writing an Email!

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