Is English Learning on Phone Possible ?

English speaking institute in Kolkata

What do you use your phone for? To talk to your friends and family, exchange information, browse websites, play games, or to find new friends. But have you ever wondered that you could use your phone to learn as well? Yes, that’s true!

How? Simple-teaching and learning has no connection with the physical presence of the teacher and the student. Learning English on phone enables you to do all that is done in a classroom- may be more!

Let’s take into account both the methods, and weigh the pros and cons to answer the question.

Learning in institutes means you are surrounded by 30 other students- all eager to learn English, like you. There is one teacher assigned to all of them, so it’s impossible for the teacher to focus on any one of them. Learning on phone, however, involves one trainer per student- which means the trainer has to focus on just one learner. They can correct your errors better and help you learn faster.

Commuting to classes is another issue. In institutes, you have to reach the class at a given time and spend money on transportation. When you learn on phone, your class comes to you. Just sit at home and select the time slot convenient to you. The trainer will call you for the session, each day!

Speaking practice is the most crucial to learn a language. Institutes do not provide you with enough practice; their time is divided among the 30 students who have come to learn. Every student gets 2-3 minutes to speak. Learning on phone ensures that you speak for the entire 25 minutes!

Institutes demand high fee, add to it the cost you incur on commutes. Learning on phone has no such hassles. You do not have to go anywhere- just receive calls from your trainer and begin your session.

Genlish is one such platform where you can learn English on phone. It offers flexibility like no other method of learning. Try it to believe it!

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