Engineering could leave you Unemployed!

What did you dream of before making a career choice? A good job and an even better salary! This is what motivates you to work hard. What if I tell you working hard is not enough because that is something everyone does! Why should a company choose you among several others? What is that one thing where you could stand out? Believe it or not, it is your spoken English skills.

A study conducted in August, 2015 by India’s largest employability assessment company – Aspiring Minds states that 97 percent engineering graduates are not suitable to be employed as they cannot speak English fluently, which is necessary when it comes to getting a job. Based on a test that was conducted, about 61 percent of these students are no better than 7th graders when it comes to grammar, and 51 percent are not employable based on their spoken English scores!

Not being fluent in English can pose a problem when you go for a job interview. Even if you get a job, your friend who scored the same as you may earn 30-40 percent higher than you if she has proper English skills. Don’t let such a small problem spoil the effort you put in for four years. Overcome your weakness by learning English – that too on your phone! This new way of learning is flexible and saves time as you learn when and where you want! It will surely bring about a positive change in you.

A small decision can make a big difference in your life! Don’t keep waiting when you can be learning. The sooner you start the better!

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