Don’t just settle, Aim high!

Learn English on Phone

“Uma’s tiffin service” I read the board as I entered the house on the second floor. I was new to the locality, and as I was a student I could not cook myself. Some enquiry with the landlord bought me here. She asked me to taste the food, and to my surprise her cooking was excellent! “You should open a restaurant!” I told her jokingly, she smiled and said “that will just be a dream!” It was not for the money that she had started this business, but because it was her passion she told me.

Eventually I realized that she was a hit in the entire locality! Everyone loved her food, and she made good money as well. I wondered why she didn’t expand her business and fulfill her dream. I decided to ask her finally. “How will I talk to people when I cannot speak English fluently? You kids these days go to posh restaurants these days, I will be a failure!” She didn’t want to be laughed at for speaking broken English, though she knew overcoming this hurdle could lead to success.

She wanted to learn fast without having to go anywhere as she had a business to run. A quick Google search later, we had our solution- English on phone. She chose the timings and the venue of her class as per her convenience, and two months later, I received an invitation to the inauguration of her new restaurant!

Good communication skills are very important in this era of globalization. Don’t just settle for things in life. Dream big and aim high!

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