Don’t hide! Be your husband’s pride!

Be your husband's pride

Is your husband an IT professional who’s planning to go abroad? Are you having sleepless nights thinking about how you would manage? If that’s the case, my experience would be of help to you. My neighbour, Mrs. Sharma faced the same problem and what she did might give you an idea of how you can solve your own problems.

Her husband was planning to settle abroad and as she belonged to a small town she was not comfortable in speaking English. She told me how her husband had already stopped taking her to his office parties, as he was embarrassed of her inability to speak good English. He had to maintain his reputation in office and as his wife could not speak English well, it could ruin his image. She had accepted this fact, but now he was planning to go abroad. She could not even imagine what she would do in a country where everyone spoke English. It would be difficult to survive and she would have to struggle every day. It could even spoil her marriage.

Keeping all this in mind, she decided to learn English and took up a spoken English course on her phone. The best part was the convenience and flexibility it offered. As she had to pack, she took her classes whenever she wanted. The one on one sessions helped her learn in less than a month’s time! And believe it or not, she can now speak in English fluently and has a happy married life as well.

This new way of learning can be a revolution in the field of spoken English! It is your own hesitation that is your biggest limitation. Break free and act now! There is no reason to be embarrassed, overcome your fears and shine bright!

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