Be the star at your child’s PTM with superb spoken English skills!

Be the star at your child’s Parent Teacher Meeting this time!

What is that one thing that gives ants in your pants, whenever you have to go to the parent-teacher’s meeting in your child’s school? Do you get goosebumps every time your children ask you to come for their school functions? Do you always have to ask your husband to go instead? Then you are not alone. There are several women who face the same problem- not being able to speak in English. You want your child to receive the best education and feel confident in his life. But at the same time, you need to keep up with his pace of learning, his conduct and behavior in school. In most English medium schools, it is mandatory for the student to converse in English at schools. What if he doesn’t get enough practice at home?

Your hesitation to speak could be affecting both you and your child. You only need to take one step forward in the right direction to remove this obstacle.

Not being able to respond properly to the teacher’s questions can be quite embarrassing  and that too in front of your kids. Other parents may make fun of you which can further lower your self esteem. It will also affect your child, he/she may feel ashamed of you- and might never want to take you to their school again. You may also damage the impression they had of you as children expect their parents to be smart these days, and if you cannot speak fluently, they might feel other parents to be better than their own.

But thankfully in this age of technology learning has no age bar. Even if you are in your 40s, you can still overcome your fear of English language and create a social standing for yourself. Good news is, now you can learn English on your phone, which is quick and easy.

Feel confident and proud of yourself for being an active parent who wants to make their child feel proud of them!

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