How to Write Better English

write-593333_960_720Good Spoken English skills are a must. We have discussed several ways to improve these as well.

But there is no denying the fact that writing skills are also important.

Writing English can be tricky especially if you are writing an article or report which is lengthy. Knowing what to keep in mind while writing can make it easier.

Here are a few things you need to take care of.

How to improve your English Writing Skills

  1. Maintain the tense: Make sure to not switch between tenses. Do so only when required.

Incorrect: I get up late every day and had to rush to school.

Correct:  I get up late every day and have to rush to school.

  1. Usage of Articles: Most learners often omit articles. Be extra careful to use articles as they are important.

Incorrect: I want pen.

Correct: I want a pen.

Incorrect: May I have apple?

Correct: May I have an apple?

  1. Subject Verb Agreement: Choose your words wisely. Always ensure that that there is agreement between the verb and the subject of your sentence.

Incorrect: Jenny like to dance.

Correct: Jenny likes to dance.

  1. Proper placement of Adverbs: Some people place the adverbs incorrectly. Take care to check the placement of the adverb.

Incorrect: I have lunch at 2 p.m. usually.

Correct: I usually have lunch at 2 p.m.

  1. Using ‘I’ and ‘me’: ‘I’ and ‘me’ are personal pronouns which are often used incorrectly.

Incorrect: My friends and me went to the park yesterday.

Correct: My friends and I went to the park yesterday.

  1. Capitalisation: The first word of every sentence and proper nouns usually begins with capital letters.

Incorrect: where are you?

Correct: Where are you?

  1. Correct spelling: Wrong spellings can be a big turn off. Always run a spell after you have finished writing.

Incorrect: I am feeling embarrassed.

Correct: I am feeling embarrassed.

These common errors in writing English can be easily avoided. Just keep in mind the English grammar rules and you’re good to go!

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