Top 6 Tips to Practice English Spellings


Learning spellings can be quite tricky. Here are some tips to practice English spellings!

  • Say it aloud: Saying the words out loud can help you figure out the spelling of the word. Knowing the correct pronunciation is a pre-requisite in such a case. Just pronounce each syllable clearly and make sure not to miss any syllable. Just write down what you hear!
  • Break it down: Longer words can be spelt using this trick. Break the word down into smaller words, parts or syllables. For example, together can be spelt as to-get-her.
  • Practice: This is the most obvious way of remembering spellings. Write down whatever words you read during the day, and repeatedly practice the ones that you find difficult. You can also paste flash cards around the house so that you remember them.
  • Mnemonics: These are memory aids that help remember difficult or confusing words. For example:

A piece of pie

A memento for memories

We hear with our ear

  • Check spellings: Whenever you write something, keep in mind to do a spell check. Also, be aware of the spelling rules in English. For example: ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’ like in receipt.
  • Play games: Games like crosswords and scrabble help practice correct spelling of words. Not only do you make words yourself but also learn new words that your friends make!

These spelling tips can come handy as misspelt words can ruin your masterpiece. Try these and see the change!

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